Lakeville Parents Identify with Cinta's Diversity!

Thank you,

Cynthia, for writing such a heartfelt letter! I am truly running to represent families just like yours and so many others! Thank you!

To the editor:

I support Cinta Schmitz for School Board in ISD 194, not only for her passion for putting kids’ education first, but also for her diverse background and ability to represent all students. As our growing community welcomes more young and diverse families, it will be equally important that we have a School Board member who understands students and families from all backgrounds. Like Cinta, I am a bi-racial mother with a young multicultural family. I have grown close with Cinta the past year, and I am confident that Cinta is the best candidate. Cinta comes from a multicultural home where her father immigrated to USA from the Philippines. Cinta saw her father’s love for America and his appreciation for the many opportunities for a good education. Cinta grew up in North Minneapolis and experienced firsthand a failing education system. This was the major deciding factor during Cinta’s pre-teen years for her family’s move to the south suburbs in pursuit of a better education for the children. From her family’s values, Cinta is instilled a passion for education and understands that our children’s education is key for their success in life. Cinta understands that children don’t all have the same abilities and gifts. Cinta and her husband adopted her multi-racial and special needs niece when she was 4 years old, and Cinta has been supporting her niece’s education with extra resources and tools to help achieve her full potential. Cinta understands that good mental health is crucial in our students’ success in school and beyond, and she will be a voice for students in these crucial times where youth suicide rates have been increasing. Cinta also understands the adversity that many students face in school from bullying and discrimination to barriers from receiving a good education. Cinta wants to be a voice for students to help them overcome adversities and challenges in exchange with opportunities and tools to help them succeed in school and beyond. We need Cinta’s background and experience on the School Board. Cinta will be a voice for all students and parents.

Cynthia Cajune

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